The art of Gratitude

“If you make your prayers an expression of gratitude and thanksgiving for the blessings you have already received, instead of requests for what you do not have, you will obtain results a great deal faster.”

                                                                  Napoleon Hill


It is an art to be able to be grateful for all you have got. But it´s also the fastest way to your goal. There is a gift in every situation even if theycause you pain or simply irritation. And the greatest gift you can give yourself is to stop when being challenged and give thanks.

Try it for a day or go for a week! It will do miracles!




The Art of Awareness

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel like your “light bulb” all of a sudden goes on? You all of a sudden have a hugh insight and it seemed to have come from nowhere.

This is what happens when you become aware. It´s like rearranging your livingroom and as you move the couch you find a hatch in the floor. Or when you move the big painting you find a secret door.

This little hatches and doors are always there, but we need awareness to see them. This is why it´s always good to read a good book more then once because once you have raised your awarness the book will not be looked upon the same way.

We are creatures of habits, some are good, others not so good. But when you start to rearrange your habits that are not so good for you they will start to show you a new hatch.

See before you an ice berg. They float in the ocean with only about 10 % of it visible to our eyes. The rest can only be found under water. But it doesn´t mean that it´s not there just because you can´t see it right?

If you start to open your eyes a bit wider and focus on certain things you will also see a lot more information. This is how we can snap out of our mental habits of already “knowing” things because we have done it once or twice.

The opportunities are always there, it´s your attitude toward them that makes the difference!

Know Thyself

With little self knowledge it is difficult to walk your path. 
I guess we all walk the path we are supposed to but I am pointing 
at the highest path we all have the possibility to walk. 

It is through self knowledge we start making the choices that serves 
us the highest and best. 

Responsiblity, awareness and choosing the good is what makes us thrive. 

  "Where your talents and the needs of the world cross,  
 there lies your vocation." 
 - Aristotle  

A good way of getting to know yourself is to take a look at your 
They tell you more then you think.  

The more you judge the less you have an understanding of the law of 
cause and effect. 
All judgement and competition steams out of a lack of ability to love 
We are simply showing our ignorance.   

 Know Thyself <3 

Do you Mastermind?

There is nothing like a group of people come together with a common goal to grow!

There is nothing like the support you can give t others!

There is nothing like recieving when you need it the most!

There is nothing like sharing your dreams with someone who truly believes in you!

There is nothing like someone holding you accountable for growth!

There is nothing like the power you own when you share who you truly are!

There is nothing like reaching a goal and quickly set up a new one!




The most common way people give up their power
is by thinking they don’t have any.

                                        ~ Alice Walker

Don´t give away your power! Live your power!


Have you ever decided to do changes in your life? You know: go on a diet, train more often, quit smoking or get up earlier in the morning?

Haven´t we all? and most of us probably keep up the good work for a few days, weeks or even months.

And then something happens. You get ill, forget about it or simply refuse to do it one day because of the cirrcumstances.

This is when we are in deep trouble! You see the cirrcumstances are only the product of your own thoughts and it´s essential to nail them and kick them out when you simply want to quit something….especially the things that are good for you!

Humanity´s worst enemy is our lack of persistance. As a matter of fact there is no such thing as inappropriate cirrcumstances. We create our own cirrcumstances at all times, the question is about how we decide to react to them.

If you have a bad habit of not following through your goals, how are you then ever going to reach them?

I highly recommend you to write your goal down (make it present time and only use positive words) on a few fairly big pieces of paper.

Make sure to hang them up everywhere in your house. (Don´t worry about people thinking you are crazy, it´s the people that don´t even try to change who are the real nuts :)! )

This will be your reminder at all times. Everytime you look at your goal make sure to think about it. Feel it as if it is already here and enjoy it!

You will be blown away by how you all of a sudden got there! TO YOUR GOAL!

The medicine to cure your unwanted habits is your own persistance to change them!

Keep up the good work!


To me being a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) has been quite a ride and for many years it was a struggle.

But anything can turn into a gift when we start to change our perspective to whatever it might be.

To really truly know how it feels to be mentally or physically influenced to what others do or say creates an understanding.

Most people deny the influence of others and tell us that they don´t get influenced at all. In this moment that person also gives away it´s own power.

We are constantly getting influenced by our surrounding environments and by accepting that fact you are also free to choose if you want to make it a heaven or a hell.

  • Look at the good you get influenced by and see it as the part of you it is already.
  • Detect what you don´t like and change it by shifting your focus into something you want instead!


This makes you powerful!

Love Your Challenges!

Its well known that everyone who wants to achieve a goal needs to take action.

And when we take action we start to move in the direction we want to.

When we move in the direction we want to, we usually bump into challenges.

When we bump into challenges it is easy to stop and turn around, if we are not able to see them as a natural part of the process.

When we turn around we don´t reach our goals. But if we stand firm and take a good look at the challenge we can see that it is there for a reason.

The reason we do not reach our goals is because we are not trained to welcome these challenges.

The challenges are there all along but they become visible because we have to clear the clutter out of the way in order to move forward.

The reason why we don´t move forward is because the same clutter that has been there all along is blocking our way in a invisible (unconscious) way.

The challenges are for you to expand you awareness and when you meet them and go through them you become both stronger and more aware. Ready to reach your goal!!!



Getting organized!

If you are like me it has probably been a challenge to get organized!

What I do every evening nowadays is to write down 5 to 6 things I want to accomplish tomorrow. I organize them the way that I will do the most boring stuff early in the morning to be able to spend time do all the “goodies” later during the day.

This makes me accomplish the “have-to-do” things and then I feel so good having it all accomplished that it makes the rest of the day pure glory!

Also it makes me let go of all the feelings connected to doing the “have-to-do” things. When we don´t do the “have-to-do” things in time they seem to haunt us and gives us a hard time until we get them done. So it´s silly to save them to the end of the day right?

A beautiful exercise to get started:

1. Put your focus on what you need to get done tomorrow. Pick 4-6 things to start with. But make sure to stick to the number!

2. Always do the “have-to-do” stuff that you normally find a hard time doing first.

3. Cross them out one by one and you will feel soooo good as you accomplish things step by step. It is a hugh encouragement to give yourself.

4. Work your way through the list and then spend the rest of the time doing what you really want to do! And have fun!

Good luck


When I look back in life I realize that struggle has been a big part of it.

Struggle is a very unnatural state since nature doesn´t seem to struggle at all. The sun rises, the grass grows, the rain keeps falling and snow melts in springtime.

Humans are part of  nature as we also grown, just like any other seed, under the right circumstances. If we choose how to react to the circumstances and if we see them for what they are, there will be no resistance!

Struggle is a taught behavior, just as it is to compare yourself to others. But struggle is also stealing your precious lifeenergy making you loose contact with your own inner power to live the way you want to!!!

How about stop talking about the struggle and instead get responsible for creating it and move on!!!

Observe nature. Sit down and watch the birds fly and the trees grow. They don´t struggle, the live.

Let yourself step into this flow. This natural flow. Let nature guide you and
let the circumstances support you in your growth into your own true self.